For Patients and Families in Central Virginia

This “e-library” is designed to help the seriously ill and their families learn to live as comfortably as possible. It offers practical tips and information about

Caring for a relative with a serious illness can be a stressful experience. At the same time, it can be an experience filled with meaning, sweetness, and wonderful memories! A lot of love and laughter is shared during these tender moments.

Getting help
Getting help is a great way to make sure you have enough energy to provide the love and support only a family member can give.

Many people mistakenly think that hospice support is only available for the last few days. In fact, you can have help for 6 months. Or even more if you need it.

“We only wish we had known about hospice sooner”

Living longer and better
Research indicates that patients who receive hospice care not only experience a greater quality of life, they also tend to live longer.

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