Elder Abuse for Johnson County

Services available to protect seniors who may be in danger because of physical, verbal, sexual, or financial abuse or neglect and abandonment.

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Under the Older American’s Act, the Iowa Department on Aging is mandated to carry out the intervention in, investigation of, and response to elder abuse, neglect and exploitation including financial exploitation. The advocacy methods include providing public awareness, outreach, education, training, and consultation to the general public, system partners, and stakeholders.
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The Heritage Area Agency on Aging has Task Forces on Aging in each of the counties served. These Task Forces: assist in developing the area's strategic plan. conduct meetings that relate to aging issues. represent the interests of older persons residing in their respective counties. reviewing and commenting on community policies, programs and actions which affect older persons with the intent of assuring maximum coordination and responsiveness to and for older persons.
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Division of Iowa Dept on Aging
When you live far away, it is difficult to know if the person you care for is receiving adequate attention. Neglect is one of the more common forms of abuse. But financial abuse (being taken advantage of financially), physical and sexual abuse are also common. If you are concerned, you might wish to talk to someone at your state's help hotline. Go to the NCEA website to find the hotline number for your state. (The hotline is for discussing concerns about possible elder abuse. If someone is in immediate danger, call 911.)
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