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Volunteers are the heart and soul of our service because they give so generously of their time.

We at Concordia Hospice of Washington are pleased to have volunteers who clearly are “called” to this work.

To learn more about volunteering, we suggest you check out the resources and comments below.

Or give us a call at 724-250-4500.

Books on volunteering

Dying Declarations: Notes from a Hospice Volunteer

A candid account of a volunteer’s initial concern that hospice would be a depressing venue. Instead, the author tells touching stories that illustrate the uplifting and enriching nature of working with people who, at the end of life, are willing to strip away all that is unimportant and embrace their true priorities. He also gets very specific about hospice training and the ways a hospice volunteer can positively impact the patients and families they serve.

In the Midst of Dying: A Hospice Volunteer’s Story

Retired English teacher, Charles Rose, recounts stories of his experience in Lee County, Alabama.

Lessons for the Living: Stories of Foregiveness, Gratitude and Courage at the End of Life

The author, a hospice volunteer, shares his personal journey as he cares for hospice patients and learns the simple grace of ordinary acts of daily kindness.

When Autumn Comes: Creating Compassionate Care of the Dying

Practical advice and thoughtful reflection accompany the stories presented in this book by long time hospice volunteer, Mary Jo Bennett.

When Evening Comes: The Education of a Hospice Volunteer

Through 15 stories of working with women dying of breast cancer in rural Virginia, the author traces her evolution from novice to seasoned volunteer. She talks about some of the difficulties, but also the immense rewards.

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Please Note: Concordia Hospice of Washington does not specifically endorse the activities of any organizations mentioned, but offers their information as a sample of the kinds of materials and services that are available.