Specialty Programs

One of the distinctive qualities about hospice is its commitment to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient AND family members. This broad and deep perspective allows us to take our mission of healing in very creative directions. We are proud to offer the following specialty programs to better serve the needs of the [Your Service Area] community.

Strings of Compassion

Music soothes the heart and, it turns out, soothes the body as well. Music thanatology is a new and growing field that provides music as a method of pain relief. We are blessed with three area harpists who have been studying this prescriptive form of music. They come to the bedside and play for the patient and any invited family members. While they certainly take requests, they also talk to the patient, learn about his or her concerns, and select melodies based on the needs of the moment. This is a free service available to any of our hospice patients. To learn more, give us a call at 707-477-0700.

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Pet Therapy

There’s nothing like the unconditional love of a dog to brighten one’s day. That’s why we are pleased that our “canine volunteers” Bessie and Ralph, enjoy their visits to area nursing homes as much as the residents do. “You should see how the residents’ faces light up,” notes Executive Director, Mario Guzman. “Ralph comes into the room, thumping his big tail, and the whole room brightens with smiles all around.”

Ralph and Bessie are golden retrievers who took to their jobs naturally. “I just love the way Bessie comes in and puts her head on my lap,” says Mary Johnson, a hospice patient who waits eagerly each week for Bessie’s visit.

If you would like to have Ralph and Bessie come to your facility, give us a call at 707-477-0700.

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Grief Support Groups

Losing a loved one is undeniably one of the hardest of life’s passages. To help you on your journey of healing, [Your Organization] offers support groups for grieving family members and friends. Your loved one does not need to have been on service with us for you to participate.

Support groups involve a casual format where attendees share their experiences and the adjustments they have had to make. Joining with others and learning about common responses to grief can help you to feel not so alone with the process.

We welcome all persons who are grieving. There is no charge to attend. Give us a call at 707-477-0700 to find out more and to learn the times and locations of our current support groups.

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