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March/April 2014
  • Insomnia in older adults
  • Talking about assisted living
  • Tax breaks for in-home care

February/March 2014
  • Planning for Your Future
  • Family grief in the face of dementia
  • Prepare before you suggest assisted living
  • Signs of a heart attack

January/February 2014
  • Dementia Dogs
  • Long-distance caregiving
  • Researching health treatments online

December 2013 / January 2014
  • Constructive criticism: when to speak up
  • Important documents
  • Keeping blood pressure in check

November/December 2013
  • Benefits for seriously ill veterans
  • Cultivating gratitude when the going gets tough
  • When blood pressure goes untreated

October/November 2013
  • Hospice of the Valley's New Venture
  • Becoming more resilient
  • Repairing identity theft
  • What is high blood pressure?

September/October 2013
  • Avoiding surgery on the wrong body part
  • Choosing an elder law attorney
  • When Mom is really mean

August/September 2013
  • "I can't get Dad to budge!"
  • What to do with their stuff?
  • When to choose "Urgent Care"

July/August 2013
  • Add a dose of laughter to your life
  • Dealing with extreme heat
  • Early detection of memory problems

June/July 2013
  • Vacation without Mom
  • What is mild cognitive impairment?
  • When your relative has money questions

May/June 2013
  • Is your relative at risk for a hip fracture?
  • Look ahead when downsizing
  • When the worrying won't stop

April/May 2013
  • Health Care Decisions Series
  • Do you know their wishes?
  • Preventing C. difficile: A very difficult germ
  • Stress and overeating

March/April 2013
  • The power of sleep
  • What to do if your loved one is depressed
  • When several relatives cover expenses

February/March 2013
  • Getting paid to care for Mom or Dad
  • What is a hospitalist?
  • When depression goes untreated

January/February 2013
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Is your loved one depressed?
  • What is palliative care?

December 2012 / January 2013
  • Choosing a complementary medical practitioner
  • Supporting those in grief during the holidays
  • Tips for air travel

November/December 2012
  • Giving thanks: It's good for your health
  • Chapters Newsletter Available Online
  • Solutions to hearing loss
  • Tips for open enrollment
  • International Suicide Survivors Conference

October/November 2012
  • Five signs your parents may need help
  • Talking with Dad about his hearing loss
  • What is hospice?

September/October 2012
  • Read Touching Lives Magazine, sponsored by Hospice of the Valley
  • Managing pain with music
  • Outpatient or inpatient? Why it's important to know
  • Sage advice from elders

August/September 2012
  • Read the 2010-2011 Hospice of the Valley Annual Report
  • Dressing your relative for incontinence
  • What is a memory unit?
  • When parents need financial help

July/August 2012
  • How to beat "decision fatigue"
  • Safe disposal of "sharps"
  • What is "assisted living"?

June/July 2012
  • Five keys to stress management
  • Incontinence of the bowels
  • When should you choose a skilled nursing facility?

May/June 2012
  • Engaging activities for persons with dementia
  • Myths versus realities of hospice care
  • When you gotta go, you gotta go

April/May 2012
  • Hospice of the Valley hosts End-of-Life Ethics Program
  • If you are selected to be "power of attorney for health care"
  • Putting yourself in positive perspective
  • What does "generic" really mean?
  • "The Best Care Possible" What It Is and How To Get It

March/April 2012
  • 2011 tax breaks for family caregivers
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Frequent infections in persons with dementia

February/March 2012
  • Read the Community Grief & Counseling Center Newsletter, Published by Hospice of the Valley
  • If Dad wants to remarry
  • Lessons from the seriously ill
  • Skin care and aging

January/February 2012
  • "The Best Care Possible" What It Is and How To Get It
  • Choosing healthy ways to cope
  • Does Medicare pay for help at home?
  • How to find a good doctor

December 2011 / January 2012
  • A True Warrior
  • Listening: The other half of the conversation
  • Talking with children about serious illness
  • Urinary tract infections: prevention tips

November/December 2011
  • Hospice of the Valley to host free community program
  • Get help changing Medicare plans
  • Is your home safe for older guests?
  • Urinary tract infections

October/November 2011
  • Ambiguous Loss: Why We All Need to Understand It
  • Benefits available to veterans
  • The importance of vaccines
  • Would having a dog help? A fish?

September/October 2011
  • Keeping Up With Visitors and Well-Wishers
  • Seniors and crime
  • Shifting focus in a tough situation
  • When should you take over Mom's checkbook?

August/September 2011
  • Read Touching Lives magazine, sponsored by Hospice of the Valley
  • Making the best use of your time off
  • Strategies to address urinary incontinence
  • When your loved one is depressed, try exercise

July/August 2011
  • Finding trust in a hospice care provider
  • Accessing medical records
  • Recognizing elder abuse
  • Talking about urinary incontinence

June/July 2011
  • Read the Community Grief and Counseling Center Newsletter, published by Hospice of the Valley
  • Interrupt the stress cycle with deep breathing
  • Staying independent: the role of technology
  • What is "elder abuse"?

May/June 2011
  • Read the most current issue of Passages published by Hospice of the Valley
  • Cooking for caregivers
  • Preparing for the hospital
  • The value of nostalgia

April/May 2011
  • Read the latest Community Grief and Counseling Center Newsletter, sponsored by Hospice of the Valley
  • How to choose a health care decision maker
  • Keeping your relative safe from fraud
  • The journey of late life

March/April 2011
  • Join the conversation on Facebook!
  • Coping with another person's pain
  • Is your family member a hoarder?
  • Tax breaks for family caregivers

February/March 2011
  • Read Hospice of the Valley family stories
  • Dad is so thin!
  • Family Caregiver Happiness Project
  • What is hoarding?

January/February 2011
  • Connect with Hospice of the Valley online
  • Sibling rivalry revisited
  • Tired of being the taxi?
  • What's new in Medicare

December 2010/January 2011
  • Read the latest Community Grief and Counseling Center Newsletter, sponsored by Hospice of the Valley
  • Coping with the holiday blues
  • If you must take away the keys
  • Making the transition from hospital to home

November/December 2010
  • Read the most current Passages, published by Hospice of the Valley
  • Engage with Grace
  • Help Mom be a safer driver
  • Managing medications: Remembering to take medicines

October/November 2010
  • Managing medications: Why Mom doesn't take her pills
  • Should Dad still be driving?
  • The four stages of hope
  • Read Touching Lives magazine, sponsored by Hospice of the Valley

September/October 2010
  • Do you have a plan in the event of a disaster?
  • Get "Extra Help" with Medicare Rx Costs
  • How is caregiving different for men?
  • Read the latest Community Grief and Counseling Center Newsletter, sponsored by Hospice of the Valley

August/September 2010
  • Read the most current issue of Passages published by Hospice of the Valley
  • Brain fitness: What's the best way to improve thinking?
  • Getting support from your spiritual beliefs
  • Read the Community Grief and Counseling Center Newsletter
  • If your loved one becomes seriously ill while traveling

July/August 2010
  • Could an adult day program be the answer?
  • How diet affects breathing
  • Travel tips when your loved one is disabled

June/July 2010
  • Accessible national parks
  • Avoiding crises with COPD
  • Making your home safer

May/June 2010
  • Read Hospice of the Valley Family Stories
  • Planning for travel with oxygen
  • Review of the CareFinder Assessment Tool
  • When is your loved one too isolated?

April/May 2010
  • Read the most current issue of Passages published by Hospice of the Valley
  • What is an advance directive?
  • Avoiding crises with congestive heart failure
  • Finding positive aspects of aging
  • Read the Community Grief and Counseling Center Most Recent Newsletter

March/April 2010
  • A clean home: Free services for women with cancer
  • Tax tips for family caregivers
  • Your changing role: Becoming a partner-in-care

February/March 2010
  • How to beat "cabin fever"
  • Making treatment decisions
  • Read the Community Grief and Counseling Center's Most Recent Newsletter
  • Staying calm: Proven relaxation techniques
  • Visit Our Family Story Page

January/February 2010
  • Bathing and dementia
  • Can Mom live safely on her own?
  • Reducing salt in Dad's diet

December 2009/January 2010
  • Finding meaning: The healing of torn relations
  • Making the most of family visits
  • When your loved one gets tired easily
  • Grief and the Holidays

November/December 2009
  • A remedy for stress: focus on the rewards of caregiving
  • Managing emotional outbursts
  • What is "power of attorney"?
  • Wings of Remembrance A Celebration of Life - December 6
  • Read Hospice of the Valley's Most Current Newsletter

October/November 2009
  • Getting the most from doctor appointments
  • Is the house too cold?
  • Saving money on meds

September/October 2009
  • Is caregiving hazardous to your health?
  • How do you know if your loved one is in pain?
  • The healing power of music

August/September 2009
  • Is it Alzheimer's disease?
  • The value of support groups
  • If you have to go to the Emergency Room

July/August 2009
  • Safety tips for summer
  • The healing power of volunteering

June/July 2009
  • Caregiving with kids
  • Honoring Cancer Survivors Day: How to increase your odds of survival
  • How the course of a condition affects the family

May/June 2009
  • Going on vacation with an elder
  • The healing power of remembrance
  • When Mom wants only you

April/May 2009
  • Balance exercises, an important step in preventing falls
  • Have you completed an advance directive?
  • Letting others pitch in

March/April 2009
  • Learning to accept help
  • Uncle Sam may have a tax break for you
  • When ice cream is more important than salad

February/March 2009
  • Caring for your marriage, also
  • Keeping seniors safe from burns
  • The healing power of a life review

January/February 2009
  • Costs of caregiving: Sources of help
  • Overcoming resistance to exercise
  • The new year: A season of hope

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