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Volunteer: Give the gift of your time

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Whatever your talents are, someone needs you today.

At Delaware Hospice, it’s hard to say who benefits more, our volunteers, or the individuals and families they serve. There is a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

You may be able to help by providing companionship, offering encouragement, or simply sitting and listening. You'll always know that your visits make a meaningful difference to the individual and family members. Learn more about Volunteering for Delaware Hospice.


Volunteer Training
Although training is an integral part of the volunteer program, you may find these reference materials useful.

Caring to Help Others. This 500 page binder is a caregiver training manual funded by Eisai and created as a joint project of numerous caregiving organizations. Although not hospice-specific, it certainly offers education and skill-building pertinent to the hospice volunteer, covering topics such as aging, becoming a volunteer, supporting family caregivers, dealing with loss, finding help, and a glossary of common terms. Each chapter can be downloaded for free.

Volunteer section of the Growthhouse portal. Growthhouse is a website that leverages Internet communication to help end-of-life professionals network and access resources to improve their practice and understanding. It has a special section for volunteers, including books, links to professional forums, a newsletter, and a guided meditation CD on providing compassionate service.


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"Volunteering for Delaware Hospice's Transitions program has truly been a blessing in so many ways."