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Welcome to Transitions, a community resource website provided by Delaware Hospice.

Are you caring for someone with a serious illness or struggling to cope with your own?

If so, you've come to the right place! We have created this website as a family caregiver resource, to help the seriously ill and their families learn how to live as comfortably as they can within the context of their disease.

In these pages, you'll find tips on handling the medical and physical aspects of care (e.g., pain management, nutrition and eating), discussions on emotional or spiritual issues (e.g., grief, hope, family conflict), and information about important legal and financial decisions.
We have a listing of local, state, and national programs that offer services and support.

The progression of a serious illness can be challenging, but with education and support, you can live the best you can.

If you have questions regarding the Transitions program or services provided by Delaware Hospice, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-838-9800 (toll-free) or email us at We'd be honored to help!

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    "I sent this website to my brother so he could read the articles too. Now he has a better idea of what we're dealing with so he and I can work together as a team."
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    "This website gives my patients clear, easy to understand information. It also saves me time, with an online referral form and links to online CMEs."
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    "When my uncle died, my aunt was so sad. The articles on this website helped us to help her. I'm very grateful for the support."
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    "I love my mother, but I couldn't do it all. The Community Programs pages on this site put us in touch with services so Mom could continue living at home."
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    "The folks at hospice were so understanding. They made my friend Mandy realize she wasn't alone, that there are people who can help."
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    "I knew we had to talk with my parents about their wishes should something go wrong. This website gave me ideas for starting the conversation."
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    "When Grandmother was in pain, hospice took care of her pain AND her anxiety. I loved their approach to treating the whole person."