Resources for Family Caregivers

This website is shared by hospice agencies, hospitals, palliative care providers, and community coalitions across the country, all dedicated to offering 24/7 support to the seriously ill and their family caregivers. Each agency has its own website with articles on medical concerns, emotional-spiritual issues, and important legal and financial decisions. Many have an online directory of community programs, and resources for professionals.

Do you know someone who is seriously ill? You are not alone. These agencies are here to help you with information, referrals and support services.


"We're here to help with information and support regarding local services and common family concerns when caring for the seriousily ill."

Use this locator page to select the organization closest to you:


For those who work for a health care organization...

If you work with a hospice, hospital, coalition or palliative care organization that would like to provide your community with an educational website, please contact Elder Pages Online, a company specializing in senior-friendly webpages. We offer a brandable template system that lets people with very little computer experience quickly and efficiently create this online community resource. (For instance, a 60-page educational website, complete with your own logo and color scheme, can be up and running in a month.)

View a demonstration website and then contact to learn how a branded, educational website can help your organization.